Using the mountain as a backdrop, Ponce de Leon has brought to Mexico climbs for a cause in order to raise funds, raise awareness tou foundations and send an inspirational message.

Ponce de Leon has developed a methodology of physical, menthal and emotional preparation to reach a goal, where participants also get to experience a transformation that allows them to meet themselves, break personal barriers, face a disability and give a different meaning to past experiences.

For this type of climbs, prior experience is not required, all you need is good health, the desire to grow and a big heart.

If you want to be part of this experience, please contact us!

  • Un paso una cumbre

  • Descubre tus sentidos

  • Asciende Kilimanjaro

  • Alma Foundation along with Ponce de Leon Expeditions brings to you, for the second time in history, the project "Asciende Kilimanjaro 2013". This project helps to pay the breast reconstruction of a poor woman. We invite you to join and support us in this expedition at: