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Curriculum: The best active mexican climber.

Conferences: The narration of one of the most impressive and inspiring stories.

Team Building: A different offer in team building.

Climbs for a cause: The mountain as a way to help.

Expeditions: From the mexican volcanoes to the Himalayan chain.

Welcome, we are the Ponce de León's team.

We invite you to rediscover yourself through the adventure.

Ponce de Leon offers experiences that help you find physical, mental and emotional strategies that allow you to get inspired, strengthen yourself and get to know you better. These experiences includes mountain climbing, conferences, group activities and climbs for a cause.

Our methology is based on Hector Ponce de Leon's experience of 30 years in high performance mountain climbing, guiding in the most important mountains all over the world, standing out in endurance sports and facing high tisk situations.